Thursday, October 14, 2010

இது வாழ்க்கை...ஹ்ம்ம்....

அட இந்த உளறலை நீங்க வது ஆளா பார்க்குறீங்க

I appreciate working in group projects …

I can make best use of a computer…

My wallpaper is my inspiration

I don't go to hostel.
There is enough space on my desk.

People in my home are asleep

when I am free to call them.

So …..

I get 90mins. Of lunch break.

The only time my eyes can rest.

The chairs are so cozy.

I don't need a bed.

We wake together,

We SWIPE together,

We eat together,

We study together,

Hold it ………… we don't sleep together……..

We have separate hostels!!!

My best take-away from the last 3 months.

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