Thursday, January 28, 2010


அட இந்த உளறலை நீங்க வது ஆளா பார்க்குறீங்க

Teacher: Name the liquid which changes to solid when heated

Tintumon: Dosa

Bus Cunductor : Why are you standing near the door,

is your father a watchman?

Tintu Mon: Why are you always asking for “Change”,

 Is your father a Beggar ??

A professor to tintumon: “what is attention deficit hyperactive disorder?”


professor: “i dont understand anything”

tintumon: “ Me also Can't Undertand what you have asked”

Tintumon: Im sleep with dad last night

Teacher corrects him: slept with dad last night



Tintumon: so.. you came after I slept..?

Father to Tintumon: Why can't you not think every woman as

your mother?

Tintumon: I can, but if i did so, what will people think of you?

To be is to do(Socrates)

To do is to be(Plato)

To be or not to be(Shakespeare)

Scoo be do be dooo(Tintu mon, LKG)……..

Teacher : What is “Al2 O3″ ?

Ramu : Alumina.

Teacher: Tintu, What is ‘Fe2 O3″?

Tintumon : “Filomina”

Teacher :What is the name of Gandhiji’s son?

Tintumon: Dineshan

Teacher :What?????

Tintumon : yes madam..Mahatma Gandhi is the father of di-neshan


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